Commercial Ethics Policy

Our commercial commitment is to guarantee the quality of the products and services we provide by our Quality and Innocuity Policy.

“To Elaborate and Package Food Products that are Safe, Innocuous, Free of Improper Contamination, implementing and maintaining the Food Safety Management System, based on the FSSC 22000 Guidelines, under conditions indicated  on legal, reglementary, and mutually accorded  aspects about food innocuity, while fulfilling our customers’ expectations and needs, as well as the Mexican Official Standards, and the standards for any other country the product would be directed to, through our compromise and participation, maintaining constant communication with our customers, providers and collaborators, allowing us to reach a Continuous Improvement in Our ideas, products and services, granting the competition and update of our personnel in subjects related to food innocuity.”

For this matter we commit to:

  • Deliver our customer with an efficient, fast, clear attention, based on respect from each other.
  • Establish a fluent dialogue that, in a matter where it is not possible to deliver previously assumed commitments, makes it easy for both parts to present clear information, explanation, and motives of the current situation in a timely manner.
  • When applicable: comply with the law and conduct code; to be honest and integer.
  • Be fair and impartial: comply with policies, regardless if we are working with the government, customers, or providers.
  • Be loyal: protect our assets, information and interests of Grupo IDAlimentos and associates.
  • Be precise: keep all commercial registers complete and true to facts.


As an operation practice, we commit to:

  • Manage our interest groups, both internal and external, with mutual responsibility, promoting identical operational practices for all of our providers.
  • Create safe and hygienic work conditions for our collaborators, as detailed on our Security and Hygiene Procedures.
  • Provide access to clean washing areas, potable water, and sanitary facilities for food storage.


In our work environment, we commit to:

  • Create an ethical work environment, making sure that on our establishments, as well as on our providers’, we can guarantee:
  • The free choice for work from our collaborators. We do not accept involuntary or forced work conditions, nor the retention of deposits or personal documents, being our employees free to abandon their functions with a reasonable prior notice.
  • We prohibit and reject the utilization of children in the workforce, and we commit to employ policies and procedures.
  • Respect the freedom of association and the right to collective negotiations. Having the right to affiliate or constitute labor unions by will and to negotiate collectively. To form a tolerant environment and open to dialogue between the Group and the unions and their organizational activities. Ensure the nondiscrimination of our employees representatives, allowing them to freely develop their functions of representation of our employees on our workspace.
  • Payment of wages in equality of conditions or above legal national norms, aiming to be sufficient for our collaborators to cover their basic needs and provide discretionary incomes. Always providing written and comprehensive information about the salary conditions before our collaborator’s admission, and in detail during its provision of services period. Only perform deductions on salary as expected by national law.
  • Enforcement of national law and/or collective agreements in reference to work hours, by not being excessive, being defined by a contract and not over 48hours per week. Assign extraordinary hours in a responsible and volunteer manner, being compensated with one wage premium. Ensuring that work hours on a frame of 7 days won’t exceed 60hours, except on singular circumstances.
  • Providing days off as corresponds in agreement to national law in a period of one labor week.
  • Generate regular jobs based on labor relations as acknowledged by the law and national practices, as well as our compliance with our collaborators, in accordance with the law and labor regulations or from the social security system.
  • Generate a free of discrimination work environment when contracted, compensated, trained, promoted and dismissed or retired linked to origin, religion, age, disability, genre, marital status, sexual orientation, syndical or political affiliation. Also, to promote an environment in which disciplinary measures are being registered and fare, forbidding inhuman or severe manners as well as abuse of any kind, physical, verbal, or sexual harassment, or other ways of intimidation.


At all moments Grupo IDAlimentos is committed to give this policy diffusion within our collaborators, so we ensure its fulfillment, the same way to our customers and providers, we transmit our operation and ethical commerce practices to our corporate community in which we find insert and related to.