Food Processing

Sauce, dressing, syrup and honey, jam, yogurt base, concentrated, drinks, emulsification and powder mix.

Food packaging

PET/glass bottles, gallons, buckets, barrels, totes and sachets.

PET / Glass bottles





4 Seals

Pillow bag

Stand up

Reformulation and adaptation

Starting from your homemade recipe, we turn it into a stable industrial formula.

Nutritional calculation

Based on theoretical calculations we can define the nutritional table according to regulations stipulated in Mexican Law.

Determination of shelf life

We define through an accelerated life methodology, the expiration date of your product.

Labeling / Relabeling

Labeling or coding for your product.


Tacking your product from one packaging to another.

Placement of heat shrinkable sleeve

Setting a retractable sleeve to your bottle with steam.