Privacy Policy

With funding in the articles of the Federal Law of Protection of Personal Data in Possession of Private Individuals (articles 6º Base A and 16 second paragraph of the Political Constitution of the Mexican  United States) we bring to your knowledge that GRUPO IDALIMENTOS SA DE CV, with fiscal address on PRESIDENCIA MUNICIPAL SUR # 5452 COL NUEVA ESTANZUELA C.P. 64988, Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mèxico is responsible to collect your personal data, their use and protection.

Your personal information will be collected through the following media:

  1. Web site: Your personal data is collected via website on the Contact and Job Bank sections where you can also share your comments, suggestions or send us your  information for a vacancy.
  2. Phone: We will collect your data via telephone either when you call us to provide feedback or suggestions, know our prices, or to get a service.
  3. Email Billing: Whenever you require an electronic bill.


Your personal information will be used to:

  1. Provide the services and/or products you requested.
  2. Notify about new services and/or products that are related with ones previously acquired or hired and also to notify about changes on those.
  3. Elaborate studies and programs that are required to determine habits of the consumer.
  4. Perform periodic evaluations on our products and services to better the quality of them.
  5. Evaluate the quality of the services we provide, and in general, to ensure the compliance of our obligations we contracted with our customer.
  6. To validate the authorization of the devolution of a product being damaged or failed.
  7. To process an electronic bill for purchases made to our company.


For the purposes mentioned above, we would need to obtain the following data:

  • Full name
  • Company
  • Address (Street, Number, Residence, County, State, Country, Zip Code)
  • Genre
  • Landline and /or cell phone
  • Email
  • TAX ID


In the case of Sensitive Data, such as:

  • Financial Data (Income, Bank Statement, and such related)
  • Heritage Data (Material Goods, Property, and such related)
  • Personal Data (Spouse, Marital Status, Nationality, Scholarship, Children, and such related)
  • Relative and non relative References (Name, Address, Phone, Relation, etc)


These will be used exclusively for the following:

  • Investigation and /or obtaining of credits before Financial Institutions.
  • Any other analog end or compatible with the previous.


Terms of use and transfer of personal data.

  1. All personal data collected will be kept and saved confidently, same that will continue to be kept even after finishing your comercial relationship or of any other subject with the customer or the owner of said personal data.
  2. In case that, GRUPO IDALIMENTOS SA DE CV provides data to third parties, will notify to said third parties the obligation of commit with the Law and confidentiality of your personal data. If you don’t manifest your opposition to have your personal data transferred, it will be understood that you are giving consent to.


□ I do not consent that my personal data gets transferred in the terms provided above on this privacy policy.

Administration of the information: all this Personal Data is administered and stored only for the person assigned to the administration of the Data Base of GRUPO IDALIMENTOS SA DE CV, by which we do not allow the use of this information to unauthorized people.

It’s important to inform you that you have the right to Access, Rectify and Cancel your personal data, to oppose the treatment of these, or to revoque the consentment you had provided before.

For this, it’s necessary that you send us a request in the terms marked by the Law on its Art. 29 to the area of Administration, responsable of our Department of Protection of Personal Data, located at Presidencia Municipal Sur # 5452 Col Nueva Estanzuela C.P. 64988, Monterrey, Nuevo León, México, with working hours from Monday through Friday from 08:00 a 17:00 Hrs. Or to call us at  01 81 86-75-83-00 ext. 101 or via email to, to which we ask you to confirm via phone number to guarantee a correct reception.

Said cancelation in our database will take effect in a time frame not less than 72 hours.

In case that you do not wish to receive promotional messages from our end, you can send us your request to the same email provided above.

We reserve our right to effect modifications or updates to this Privacy Policy at any moment, for the attention of any legislative novelties, intern policies, or new requirements for the lending or offering of our products or services.

Any modification to this Privacy Policy can be consulted on our website:

Last update:October-5-2021